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Body base by Rinoreiri Body base :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 1 Eclipse by Rinoreiri Eclipse :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0 Howls by Rinoreiri Howls :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0 Heart by Rinoreiri Heart :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0 Metal by Rinoreiri Metal :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0 System Failure by Rinoreiri System Failure :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0 Bee by Rinoreiri Bee :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 1 0 Draconic by Rinoreiri Draconic :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 1 0 Draconic by Rinoreiri Draconic :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0
An Old Saint
Ah, Valentine's Day. It's such a wonderful day, wouldn't you agree? Frankly, it's bullshit. I believe that it's kind of rude to celebrate the great Saint Valentine's martyrdom with pink hearts and shit. You can celebrate your damn love any other day of the year. Nice job, Hallmark.
I was strolling along the streets early in the morning, cruising for a place to hide from the sickening festivities. "Why," one might ask, "are you hiding from love?" It's rather simple: I find this to all be horribly disgusting. These humans, they made up a day, named it after a sacred martyr in their own history, and then claimed that it was about love. It makes no damn sense! If love is so damn important, then why not dedicate yourself to love? Halloween's cooler, anyways.
As I banked a corner, I rapidly backpedaled to avoid getting splashed by a car that I knew was driving way too fast to be legal.
"Asshole! Are you okay?"
Some guy had made an angry pass at the car. I stuck my head around the corner agai
:iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0
Mask of Two Sides: Resolute
All things flee before the great veil
They fear that which guards the gates.
The feelings, they flow. The bodies, they run.
The eternal circle goes round and round.
The world belongs to the strong.
Split between the false and facts.
Words can be true, and they can be lies.
I run for Death, yet he flees from me.
One being, it does not feel and does not care;
The masses that it refuses for its individual nature.
I am me, you are you;
We have been left, so we will forget them.
We all look up, and see the clear yonder.
All see the ocean, and claim it to be so blue.
The days go by, and all shall end.
Although, the end is little more than beginning,
All things that live will eventually die,
All that is truth is encompassed by lies.
:iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0
Mask of Two Sides
We as humans run in fear of that
Which lies beyond the doors of death,
That which lies before the gates of
Heaven beside the gates of hell.
It is called by many names, but we
All know it by one. Judgement.
Smile or frown. Laugh or cry.
Stay and fight, or run and hide.
You can live, or you can die.
It's your life, so you decide.
Stop and think or move and act.
Fade to white, or fade to black?
Is this mine, or is it yours?
If not us, then who's it for?
Use discretion or use force.
Not my choice, you know, it's yours.
The world isn't black, the world isn't white.
It's never fully wrong, yet never fully right.
Tell the truth, or tell a lie?
I'm not believed, so why even try?
I don't laugh, I don't cry.
I do fight, I do hide.
I hate living and would like to die,
But the sad fact is, I was never alive.
I am a human being who ignores all emotions
Who does not care for inhumane notions
But who would think that I would become
One who is told that I should become
One of the masses with no mind
:iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0
Skippzilla- Commission 3 by Rinoreiri Skippzilla- Commission 3 :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0 Skippzilla- Commission 2 by Rinoreiri Skippzilla- Commission 2 :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 0 Skippzilla- commision 1 by Rinoreiri Skippzilla- commision 1 :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 0 4 Chain by Rinoreiri Chain :iconrinoreiri:Rinoreiri 1 0

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I got jealous of someone today because they got so much attention.
I then proceeded to draw for three hours, despite not having slept.
I just might improve at my artistry...


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